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Some of Our Services

Prior to commencing a contract with  BlueLine Security Services, we will meet with you to gather relevant information, discuss the avenues that will work best, plan a course of action and implement a security strategy. We realize that every project has its own set of goals and challenges; therefore we'll make informed recommendations to further assist you in your decision that will best suit your needs and stay in line with your budgetary expectations.  

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for here, please contact us to discuss available services.  Our security services are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Security Officers

A professional officer standing post on or patrolling your site promotes safety and deters the criminal element. BlueLine Security Services' uniforms are professional in appearance. The manner in which our officers present themselves promote the professionalism and training they have attained, as well as demonstrates the client's commitment to the safety and security of their property, patrons and employees. Officers assigned to sites are required to complete a daily activity report that documents all unusual and/or suspicious activity that took place during their shift, action taken if any as well as to note any safety hazards that they come across (IE: exterior lighting inoperative, doors found unlocked, etc.). Our officers are happy to escort employees to their vehicles at any time requested.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol officers are highly trained to respond to security and convenience needs. Fully marked vehicles, fully uniformed officers and professional demeanor ensures a professional security presence for your property.

BlueLine Security Services' Mobile Patrol is a very affordable alternative to having a full-time officer at your business or home.  

Our mobile patrol vehicles are fully marked late model vehicles, with light bars equipped with take-down lights, alley lights and  side mounted high intensity spotlights. Each vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency roadside assistance equipment.

Our mobile patrol officers can provide random security inspections of your property both inside and out on a schedule of your choosing. We encourage random checks as this does not allow anybody who may be watching your business/residence the opportunity to establish a pattern and thus know when it is "safe" to commit their crimes. 

Some of the services provided by our Mobile Patrol Officers are:

  • Visible patrol to deter trespassers and criminal activity
  • Inspecting buildings (doors, windows, etc.), fence lines, parking lots and storage areas
  • Response to suspicious activity
  • Alarm Response – security, fire, and panic alarms
  • Checks for safety hazards – faulty lighting, landscape flooding, fire hazards etc.
  • If you have a special request for security duties to be performed please don't hesitate to inquire

All mobile patrols are documented via our GPS enabled guard tour system.  Clients have real-time access to all patrol information and incident reports from their site via a dedicated web portal.

On Vacation or Away from Home?

Our uniformed officers can provide a real deterrent to vandalism and property damage by visiting your residence while you are away. We can check your residence to ensure it is secure, check for vandalism, etc.  We can also pick up your paper and your mail, and put it in a pre-determined location (at your request). Upon your return, a report will be generated detailing what was done and when it was done while you were away.


Employee Escorts

We offer a low cost employee stand-by service that businesses can utilize to protect their employees that work late night shifts. When closing for the evening, our Mobile Patrol Officer can stand by while night deposits are made and ensure employees safely reach their vehicles.



At BlueLine Security Services, we know you have expectations from a security firm for the price you are paying, and it is our intention to make sure that you get the absolute most for your money!